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This interview options repeat visitor Georgi Dinkov who’s a digital firehose of data and an knowledgeable on the work of the late Ray Peat,1,2 Ph.D., an creator and pioneer in diet, bioenergetic medication, environmental elements and regenerative processes.

Among the info on this interview will problem a few of your lengthy held views because it did mine. All of us have conformational biases and I encourage you to let yours go for awhile and contemplate the chance that a few of this info may be true for you and others.

That is among the many finest interviews I’ve completed in years, and we take deep dives into all kinds of subjects. The complete interview is over three hours lengthy, so I’m dividing it into two elements. That is Half 1.

This yr, on a near-daily foundation, I’ve been listening to Dinkov’s podcast for 2 to a few hours at a stretch, and I generally repeat them two or 3 times, as a result of every episode is simply so chockful of data. If you wish to get a deep understanding of biochemistry and bioenergetic medication, his podcasts on his YouTube channel and weblog comprise a treasure trove of data that’s nicely price your time exploring.

The excellent news is that you just don’t need to pay something to be taught this info. No books to buy, no membership websites to hitch; it’s free for the taking, a minimum of in the meanwhile. Georgi doesn’t have his personal channel, however merely is a visitor on different individuals’s channels, which makes him onerous to deplatform.

However who is aware of what the longer term holds? If this materials pursuits you even a bit I’d encourage you to begin listening when you can earlier than it disappears. And, as talked about, I’d additionally strongly suggest that you just hearken to my podcast with Georgi a number of instances as I’m positive that 99.9% of listeners is not going to perceive or totally perceive this info until you’re uncovered to it a number of instances. 

How Does Cortisol Work?

Most of us consider cortisol because the stress hormone, however that’s not its main function in your physique, which is to ensure your glucose stage by no means drops too low, as that might end in a hypoglycemic coma which may kill you prematurely.

Each low-carb and fasting are nice interventions within the short-term for many who are obese and metabolically rigid, however when used chronically they’ll harm your metabolism and result in well being problems as a result of they have a tendency to trigger persistent elevations in cortisol leading to irritation and catabolic lean muscle loss.

So, when you don’t have sufficient glucose in your bloodstream, your physique makes glucose by secreting cortisol, which breaks down your lean muscle tissue, bones and mind to make amino acids that then convert to glucose in your liver. In one in every of his current podcasts, Dinkov defined that the first advantage of anabolic steroids is that they’re anti-cortisol. That is how anabolic steroids work to construct muscle mass.

Cortisol additionally makes use of up saved fats in a course of referred to as lipolysis. Whereas this may occasionally sound like an excellent factor, the issue is that it doesn’t eliminate the dangerous visceral fats discovered round your inner organs that causes irritation. It burns your good fats, the peripheral and subcutaneous fats, which is helpful.

So, in the end, persistent extra cortisol goes to trigger irritation and impair your immune perform. It additionally will increase meals cravings. So, you do not need your cortisol to be elevated repeatedly in an effort to rescue you from hypoglycemia. Therefore, a persistent low-carb food plan is just not a good suggestion for most individuals.

Cortisol can also be one of many main drivers of ageing. It accelerates the ageing course of, which is one thing only a few within the longevity neighborhood are even conscious of. Whether it is chronically elevated, you merely will die prematurely as it’s extremely catabolic, that means it would break down your physique tissues. To remain wholesome as you age it’s worthwhile to be anabolic and construct wholesome tissues like muscle and mitochondria. Elevated cortisol will critically impair these efforts. Dinkov feedback:

“I feel there’s hardly a persistent situation the place you do not see cortisol implicated, and normally, within the majority of instances, it’s elevated cortisol, not low cortisol. In truth, the one state of affairs wherein low cortisol turns into problematic might be Addison’s illness, which is adrenal failure. And that is very uncommon.

Research way back to the Fifties and ‘60s demonstrated you can produce each single phenotype of ageing when you inject cortisol, or a minimum of create a state of relative glucocorticoid extra within the animal. So you are able to do it both by injecting artificial or pure glucocorticoids, or you are able to do it by lowering the degrees of the pure anti-cortisol steroids within the physique.

These are pregnenolone, progesterone and DHEA. In males, testosterone and in addition dihydrotestosterone. In case you scale back the degrees of these anti-cortisol steroids and preserve the cortisol ranges regular, you’ll nonetheless obtain the identical type of phenotype of ageing. And that is just about what occurs to individuals as nicely.

It has been proven that cortisol ranges don’t decline with age until you have got adrenal failure, whereas the degrees of all of those anti-cortisol, youth-promoting hormones decline with age. A number of intervention research have demonstrated that when you administer brokers that oppose cortisol on the receptor stage, or scale back its synthesis, you may obtain each well being outcomes and enhance the best way you look.”

Excessive Cortisol Is Dangerous for Your Mind and Psychological Well being

Importantly, cortisol not solely shreds lean muscle, but additionally mind tissue, so elevated cortisol promotes mind atrophy, which is a trademark of each dementia and despair. Dinkov cites research displaying that administering anti-cortisol remedy to individuals with treatment-resistant despair put them into remission inside as little as 48 hours.

“So I feel it is an excellent argument that cortisol is catabolic to the mind, and clearly, if it is catabolic to the mind, it’s most likely not going to enhance your temper, if something goes to worsen it,” he says.

Vital Cautions Earlier than You Enhance Carbs

So, it’s clearly necessary that it’s worthwhile to be doing all the things you may to maintain your cortisol ranges and persistent irritation low. However it could even be a serious mistake to extend your carb consumption if you’re nonetheless on a high-fat food plan. I did this experiment within the mid-‘80s after I learn the ebook by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond, referred to as “Match for Life”.

They steered having fruit just for breakfast, which I attempted. Then I did my lab work and located my fasting triglycerides and lipoprotein profiles had exploded for the more serious. I prematurely concluded {that a} high-fruit food plan was nonsense and remained comparatively low-carb, consuming little to no fruit for practically 4 many years.

I not too long ago reevaluated this method after encountering Ray Peat’s work. I now perceive that I used to be lacking necessary elements of the technique. I made a decision to experiment with my consuming and now incorporate wholesome carbs, primarily from ripe fruit, a number of instances a day.

Nevertheless, simply because carbs seem like a greater gasoline as a result of they generate much less reactive oxygen species in your mitochondria, one cannot indiscriminately enhance carbs in your food plan with out paying strict consideration to the quantity of fats you’re consuming, and simply as importantly, the quantify and the kind of carbs you’re consuming. Failure to do could end in a lower in your well being and vitality.

The Very important Metabolic Change You Have to Perceive

This is among the most necessary rules in meals science that I had by no means discovered or understood till not too long ago. My sturdy guess is that that is additionally true for many pure medication clinicians. That’s the reason I created the determine beneath that will help you visualize so you may higher perceive this very important idea.

how do you burn glucose

Low-carb diets have helped a minimum of tens of tens of millions of individuals enhance their well being for an excellent motive, and that’s there’s a stealth swap that controls what gasoline your mitochondria can burn, as they’ll solely burn one gasoline at a time: both fats or glucose.

The swap has been given the title the Randle Cycle, however it’s extra useful to visualise it as a railroad swap that adjustments the tracks of the practice, and the practice can solely journey down one monitor, not each. It is because just one sort of gasoline might be burned at a time.

One of the best-case situation is you metabolize, or burn, glucose in your mitochondria with none reductive stress (a time period I’ll clarify in my upcoming interview with Georgi Dinkov). While you do that, you’ll solely generate 0.1% reactive oxygen species (ROS).

Not solely does this route generate much less ROS, but it surely is also extremely environment friendly at power manufacturing by creating 36 to 38 ATPs for each molecule of glucose that’s metabolized. It’ll additionally generate metabolic water and carbon dioxide, that are additionally necessary to your well being.

For this to happen, as indicated within the determine above, you’ll need to eat lower than 30% of your energy as fats. While you eat considerably greater than that quantity, the swap adjustments to burn fats in your mitochondria and also you will be unable to burn glucose till your fats decreases to lower than 30% of energy.

Since glucose is unable to be shuttled into the mitochondria to burn, it winds up backing up into your bloodstream, elevating your blood sugar. It is a main contributor to diabetes. What little glucose is burned for gasoline is finished through the use of glycolysis, which is a primitive pathway that micro organism and most cancers cells use.

It’s nice we’ve this pathway as you completely want it for fast gasoline when you find yourself activating your sort II muscle fibers. But when that is the first manner you burn glucose, you’re in a catastrophic metabolic state as you’re creating a great deal of lactic acid as a waste product as a substitute of wholesome CO2, and you’re solely producing 2 ATPs for each molecule of glucose, which is 95% much less power.

Lactic acid will increase reductive stress, which causes reverse electron move within the mitochondria and causes reductive stress, which will increase the ROS to three to 4%, which is 30 to 40 instances greater than when glucose is burned effectively within the mitochondria.

Why Lactic Acid and CO2 Are so Vital

Bear in mind, when you find yourself burning glucose effectively in your mitochondria, the glucose is transformed not solely to 36 to twenty-eight ATP, however when the electrons from the glucose are in the end handed off to oxygen, metabolic water (deuterium-free) is made and, very importantly, carbon dioxide.

That is very important to grasp, as carbon dioxide is a potent stimulator of mitochondrial biogenesis, which is able to enhance the variety of mitochondria that you’ve so you may make much more power.

Conversely, when you find yourself burning glucose far much less effectively in glycolysis, you’re solely producing two ATP and fairly than creating life-sustaining carbon dioxide, you’re producing life-damaging lactic acid, which is able to degrade your mitochondria and make them die sooner.

Too A lot Dietary Fats Impedes Glucose Metabolism

Bear in mind, the metabolic swap occurs at about 30% fats. So, when you’re consuming greater than 30% fats you are going to be principally burning fats, and glucose metabolism (oxidation) can be inhibited. In case you’re overweight, the cutoff for fats is probably going even decrease. In response to Dinkov:

“I’ve seen that between 15% and 20% [dietary fat] might be the place most individuals, of their present well being state, can metabolize the fats with out inflicting issues for the glucose via the Randle cycle. Particularly Kind 2 diabetics.

Most of them are obese or overweight, which suggests they’ve two sources of fat — one via the food plan and the second from their fatty tissue, as a result of there’s all the time some lipolysis occurring. So for diabetic individuals, it’s most likely a good suggestion to decrease the consumption of fats from the food plan, as a result of they have already got loads coming from their very own our bodies.

There’s so many clinics all over the world that deal with and even remedy Kind 2 diabetes by placing them on a extremely restrictive food plan till they lose most of their fats. After which abruptly, the metabolism of glucose will get restarted. I feel this immediately exhibits you that the issue with glucose wasn’t the glucose itself.

It wasn’t the glucose that was fattening them up. They’d an excessive amount of fats of their our bodies, and when you eliminate that fats, regardless of the way you do it, the issues when metabolizing glucose disappear which, to me, is a superb testomony to the Randle Cycle.”

You additionally don’t need fats to be too low, say, lower than 15%. Between 15% and 30% may be the candy spot, though, as famous by Dinkov, the best ratio of macronutrients isn’t identified. That stated, he believes, primarily based on epidemiological research, that an roughly equal ratio of energy from fats, carbs and protein (i.e., about 33% every) seems to be optimum for long-term well being.

I respectfully disagree with this, as I imagine 33% protein could also be too excessive until you weren’t consuming many energy. Consuming greater than 35 to 40 grams of protein at a meal is probably going counterproductive, as their absorption can be impaired, and you’ll be left with having to take away the ammonia and nitrogen, which may harm your kidneys.

At current, I imagine that getting 15% of your total energy from protein might be about proper when consuming between 2,000 and three,000 energy per day. Most individuals don’t want greater than 120 grams of protein per day. Past that, you begin burdening your kidneys. I’ve lengthy used the system of 1 gram per kilo of lean physique mass (not complete body weight), which Dinkov agrees appears to be an excellent technique to decide your every day protein consumption.

Weight Loss Rebound Defined

The Randle Cycle additionally helps clarify why many individuals who lose giant quantities of weight find yourself rebounding and gaining all of it again, even after they’re nonetheless limiting energy. Dinkov explains:

“There’s all the time some baseline lipolysis occurring. And within the rested state, your muscle tissue favor to oxidize fats. So, when you’ve got a good quantity of muscle mass, you may burn most of this fats via this baseline lipolysis. The ratio of lean muscle mass to complete physique weight is the first determinant of your basal metabolic charge. So, it is essential to not lose lean muscle mass.

I feel lots of people get themselves in a state of affairs the place, via excessive fasting or excessive train, they lose plenty of physique weight, however they don’t seem to be listening to how a lot they’re shedding of every of the 2 elements — fats mass and lean muscle mass.

A number of research have proven that over long-term fasting or a long-term exhaustive train, individuals lose plenty of physique weight, however about 80% of that’s lean muscle mass. So, they had been a lot leaner, however their basal metabolic charge was a lot decrease than what they began with as a result of they misplaced most of their muscle mass.

So, after they went again to their regular lives and stayed on a decreased calorie routine, they nonetheless regained all of their weight, they usually had been devastated. They stated how is that this doable?

Properly, in fact, what do you count on? Your basal metabolic charge went down by 50%. So, until you keep on this severely restricted-calorie food plan, you’ll regain all of these kilos.

So, the principle factor is, preserve muscle mass, limit somewhat little bit of your dietary consumption, and do not overshoot with the lipolysis. Each time you stress your self, you are going to enhance the speed of lipolysis. And when you float an excessive amount of fats into the bloodstream, you’ll shut down the glucose oxidation, which is able to contribute to the lactic acid and all the opposite downstream results talked about.”

Not All Carbs Are Created Equal

When most individuals hear it’s OK to eat carbs, they suppose it’s an invite to eat bread, pasta and processed meals and snacks. Nothing might be farther from the reality. In case your fats consumption is over 30% and also you throw junk carbs on there, you are going to disrupt your lipoprotein profiles and enhance your danger for coronary heart illness, since you’re not metabolizing the carbs and are contributing to endotoxin manufacturing in your giant gut.

You additionally must eat the correct varieties of carbs to keep away from endotoxin manufacturing, which is a serious driver of elevated cortisol and irritation. Excessive-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a processed carb that it’s best to keep away from. Most course of together with any processed meals that use HFCS as a result of it’s so low cost.

Different carbs to keep away from could be resistant starches from legumes, beans, lentils, most grains, raw potatoes, inexperienced bananas, and pasta. Oatmeal may also trigger bother for a lot of. You’ll understand it’s incompatible with you when you get fuel and/or constipation, or if it slows your digestion. Oatmeal can also be excessive in linoleic acid (LA), which is why I keep away from it.

One of the best advanced carbs are ripe fruits that develop in tropical circumstances, resembling oranges, tangerines, mango, pineapple (preserve consumption average because it accommodates serotonin), melon, watermelon and grapes. Cooked starches resembling potatoes and white rice are additionally acceptable. Potatoes comprise oxalates, which might be problematic, however oxalates are water-soluble, so most can be radically lowered when you boil the potatoes.

When you’ve got small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), you might must keep away from starches like rice and potatoes, as you have got inhibited capability to interrupt down the starch into glucose. Because of this, these sorts of starches could impede your restoration.

Incorporating Train for Optimum Outcomes

The older you get, the extra necessary your muscle mass turns into. Not solely are sturdy muscle tissue a requirement for mobility, stability, and the power to dwell independently, however having reserve muscle mass will even enhance your probabilities of survival3 when sick or hospitalized.

Muscle is misplaced much more simply and faster than it is constructed, so discovering methods to repeatedly promote and preserve your muscle mass is essential, particularly as you grow old.

Age-related lack of muscle mass is named sarcopenia, and when you do not do something to cease it you may count on to lose about 15% of your muscle mass between your 30s and your 80s.4 An estimated 10% to 25% of seniors below the age of 70 have sarcopenia and as many as half these over the age of 80 are impaired with it.5

Whereas declines in muscle mass and energy are comparatively well-synchronized within the 35- to 40-year-old group, energy dramatically drops off as you get into the 75-year-old and over teams, with 85-year-olds normally seeing dramatic declines in energy and performance relative to the decline in muscle measurement.

Blood Circulation Restriction Coaching

One of many causes I am so obsessed with blood move restriction (BFR) coaching is as a result of it has the power to stop and broadly deal with sarcopenia like no different sort of coaching.

There are a number of the reason why BFR is way superior to standard varieties of resistance coaching within the aged. Importantly, it permits you to use very mild weights, which makes it appropriate for the aged and people who are already frail or recovering from an harm. And, because you’re utilizing very mild weights, you do not harm the muscle and due to this fact needn’t recuperate as lengthy.

I’m additionally an enormous fan of strolling on the seaside and sometimes go every single day for about an hour. I additionally use the sauna and do focused stretching every day.

Extra Data

To be taught extra, make sure you hearken to your complete interview, and preserve your eyes peeled for Half 2, which is able to comply with shortly. Additionally try Georgi’s weblog at or comply with him on Twitter. He additionally has a whole bunch of movies on YouTube on a plethora of subjects. A significant sampling of Ray Peat’s work can also be obtainable totally free on these two websites: and


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