Strengthen Your Core with These 4 Pallof Press Variations


Way back in 2006, physical therapist John Pallof came up with what is known as the Pallof press. This move dynamically trains anti-rotation, anti-low back extension, and posterior pelvic tilt.

Not everyone is onboard with the benefits of the Pallof, but sometimes people miss the subtleties of the Pallof press and its ability to change angles and body positions to train the midsection in various ways. Besides training anti-rotational/lateral strength, it’s is an excellent side plank regression exercise, because not all of us have the required shoulder or hip strength to hold a side plank for time.

Other benefits of the Pallof press are.

  • Versatility: This exercise is trained in the half and tall kneeling, split stance, and with a resistance band or cable machine.
  • Great Squat & Deadlift Primer: Performing this press before hitting the barbell helps “prime” your muscles around the core to provide the tension needed to protect your spine.

Here we’ll give you a quick refresher on the standard Pallof press and four variations to include in your training to further bulletproof your core strength.

How To Do The Standard Pallof Press

The Pallof trains the larger and smaller muscles around the spine to resist rotation. This exercise has you hold a resistance band or cable in front of your torso while pressing it out and back. Here is how to do it.

  1. Stand parallel with feet hip-width apart from the cable machine or the resistance band anchor point.
  2. Side step until you feel the resistance and clasp the handle or band with both hands.
  3. Ensure your upper body is front on and bring your hands to the center of your chest.
  4. Press until elbows are extended, slowly return your hands to the chest, reset, and repeat.

4 Pallof Press Variations For Next-Level Core Strength

The standard Pallof press is an excellent exercise, but it’s not the most exciting core exercise going around. Here are four variations that anyone can add to their core training regimen.


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