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Relating to fats loss, it’s onerous to distinguish between truth and fiction. That’s why FitnessRx solely publishes stable scientific data. In the event you’ve been studying and actually paying consideration, why not check your thintelligence? All questions have been formulated from data discovered on fitnessrxwomen.com. Choose the perfect reply from the statements beneath. Solutions observe the quiz.

1. Which of those actions helps stop fats manufacturing, lowers physique ldl cholesterol, and helps defend the liver?

Consuming chocolate

Ingesting tea

Watching tv

Enjoying video video games

2. What’s the commonest well being downside dealing with Individuals right this moment?



Weight problems

“Wrist cramps” from distant controls for varied electronics

3. Which of the next burns fats greatest?

half-hour on an digital ab belt

half-hour of low-intensity train

half-hour of high-intensity train

A tube of cellulite cream

4. Which of the next gymnasium machines is greatest for burning energy?

Elliptical coach


Stair Climber

Indoor bicycle coach

5. What’s the most effective strategy to burn energy on a stair climber?

Hunch over the console like a gorilla

Assist your weight with handrails

Take full strides which might be eight to 10 inches deep

Take fast child steps

6. Lifting weights will:

Flip you into The Unbelievable Hulk

Improve your metabolic charge

Make you look thick and chunky

Make you fats

7. When making an attempt to chisel fats off your abs, which of the next is NOT really helpful?

Ingesting alcohol

Selecting entire meals sources

Day by day meal of fatty fish

Excessive-protein diets

8. What’s the largest contributor to the American weight problems epidemic?

Lack of train

Gigantic parts of fries

Web habit

All-you-can-eat buffets

9. Which of the next will assist you to realize slimmer hips?

Leg lifts and squats

Intense cardio periods

Smart weight-reduction plan

The entire above

10. What’s the foundation of the Atkins weight-reduction plan?

Excessive fats, excessive protein, low carbohydrates

Excessive fats, low protein, excessive carbohydrates

Low fats, low protein, excessive carbohydrates

Maintain life with solely potato chips and bacon fats



Solutions to the FitnessRx Fats Loss Quiz

1. Ingesting tea. In an ideal world, consuming chocolate could be the treatment for all the pieces. However for stopping fats, decreasing ldl cholesterol, and defending the liver, consuming oolong, inexperienced and black teas is greatest.

2. Weight problems. In a current research, surveyors polled practically 10,000 Individuals and located that 36 p.c had been obese, 23 p.c overweight, 19 p.c had been people who smoke and solely 6 p.c had been heavy drinkers. Nicotine and alcohol could also be extremely addictive, however overeating beats all of them.

3. half-hour of intense train. Whereas it could be good if we might sit on the sofa and let digital belts and thigh lotions work off the fats, it’s all science fiction. When making an attempt to lose fats, work more durable and burn extra whole energy.

4. Treadmill. However in case you begin out too quick, you might fry your self and find yourself burning just a few energy. Fluctuate the train depth and alternate between working and strolling. To spice it up, hearken to music and use the pre-set applications.

5. Take steps which might be 8 to 10 inches deep. Taking child steps and supporting your weight with locked elbows could burn time however not many energy.

6. Lifting weights will enhance your metabolic charge. The extra muscle you’ve got, the extra energy you’ll burn!

7. Ingesting alcohol. Ingesting alcohol is a assured route to like handles – for each women and men.

8. Lack of train. In accordance with the U.S. Surgeon Common, over 60 p.c of Individuals and 13 p.c of our youngsters are obese.

9. The entire above. The three components to slender hips are vitamin, cardio, and resistance coaching.

10. Excessive fats, excessive protein, low carbohydrates. The idea of the weight-reduction plan is that the physique burns fats as gas as an alternative of carbohydrates. Critics say simply because the weight-reduction plan helps individuals shed pounds doesn’t imply it’s wholesome.

How did you do? Tally up the variety of right solutions and see the place you rank.

0-2 right: Fats Loss Fledgling

3-5 right: Future Fats Fighter

6-8 right: Fats-Burning Aficionado

9-10 right: Fats-Blasting Phenom


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