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I’ve been driving this bike loads:

That’ll change, it at all times adjustments. I transfer from bike to bike like a mariachi band shifting from desk to desk. However in the intervening time the bikes I’m driving probably the most are that one and this one:

The Milwaukee is the “leisure” one and the Homer is the “commuting” one. I hesitate to make use of both time period as a result of in a method they’re each deceptive: one sounds enjoyable and the opposite sounds onerous, however in reality I get pleasure from them each. If something, it’s the commuting that’s leisure, since I select to do it after I might simply as simply take the subway, whereas the “leisure” driving is necessary, since my each my bodily and psychological well-being depend upon it and for me there actually isn’t any different viable possibility–like, I’m not taking on pickleball. For me it’s bikes or nothing.

Anyway, the upshot of all that is that I’ve been spending in all probability half my driving time on the Milwaukee and half on the Homer, and I gotta say in case you prefer to trip bikes then you are able to do loads worse.

Given how a lot time I’ve been spending on the Milwaukee, I’ve additionally been fascinated by loads about street bikes, and what we usually name “street biking.” Through the years I’ve had an evolving relationship with street bikes: I’ve been the solitary younger beginner dork; the intense bike racer dork; the previous bike racer dork attempting to insurgent towards roadiedom by squeezing 28mm tires into short-reach calipers and carrying clothes that doesn’t match; and naturally the solitary outdated seen-it-all dork I’m as we speak. However the one fixed–apart from the sheer persistence of my utter dorkitude–has been the presence of a street bike in my life, even after I’ve tried to spurn them and switch as removed from them as potential:

For years, street biking has been synonymous with silly guidelines, excessive anal retention, common humorlessness, and unbearable elitism. Nevertheless, I’ve not too long ago come to understand that, regardless of the plain existence of riders who exhibit each a type of attributes, street biking is essentially probably the most accessible type of driving. That is not to say it’s for everyone; in case you hate driving street bikes you hate driving street bikes and I’d by no means attempt to discuss you into loving them, in the identical method I hope you’ll by no means attempt to discuss me into your recumbent. (In the event you hate street bikes I’m simply assuming you trip a recumbent.) However it’s to say I’ve realized how a lot I like street bikes and there’s now not any sense in combating it. Right here’s what I like about them:


I imply positive, they’re not all easy. You possibly can overcomplicate something with batteries and fluids and plastic and stuff:

Basically although they’re very simple machines. Have a look at this one, for instance:

[Classic Cycle]

It’s over 50 years outdated. What can’t you do on this factor you can’t do on a street bike as we speak? Yeah, newer bikes are extra refined, however one factor I’ve realized from all of the outdated ones I’ve gotten to trip because of Traditional Cycle is that no matter you’re driving you get used to it fairly fast. For 5 minutes you’re like, “How did folks ever shift like this?” Then every week later you’re like, “The street bike was mainly perfected 70 years in the past, why do we want any greater than this?”

It’s because the bikes are easy. A diamond body, a handlebar that enables you a number of hand positions, and some completely different gears. (Whether or not it’s 5 or ten or twelve of them actually doesn’t matter all that a lot.) It’s gentle and powerful. You should utilize it to trip across the metropolis or to climb a mountain vary. There are bikes that may carry extra stuff or take you deeper into the woods or which may be simpler for the inexperienced bike owner to deal with. However I’m unsure there’s some other sort of motorcycle that may enable you to take action a lot with so little.

They’re Quick

[Chronicle Books]

Even in case you’re not excited about racing or Strava KOMs or Cat 6-ing folks within the bike lane it’s good to have a motorcycle that’s quick. It doesn’t should be aero or put you in some loopy place or be uncomfortable or impractical to trip. Any first rate street bike arrange to fit your needs correctly can be inherently quick–perhaps not as quick because it probably might be within the “marginal beneficial properties” sense (who cares anyway?), however as quick as anyone wants a bicycle to be.

So why is it good to have a quick bike? The identical purpose it’s good to have a quick Web connection: extra bandwidth. I couldn’t care much less about being sooner than anyone else, however as an individual with duties typically I need to have the ability to go so far as I can within the time allotted to me. This isn’t at all times the case–typically I’ll prioritize consolation, or carrying capability, or the power to trip on tough terrain–however after I need most worth out of my biking greenback than nothing beats the street bike when it comes to sheer effectivity. It’s like ordering a cocktail as an alternative of a beer.

They’re Low-cost

No, they’re not all low-cost:

However because of the ubiquity of the street bike and the truth that it’s been round for therefore lengthy there are a whole lot of low-cost ones available–like cheap-as-the-pedals-on-that-plastic-bike low-cost:

And regardless of what it’s possible you’ll learn elsewhere you’ll hand over little to nothing over newer, fancier ones–and something you do hand over you’ll greater than make up for in mechanical simplicity and the comfort that comes with it.

You Can Do It Wherever

[My ass, Specialized.]

Far more of us dwell surrounded by abnormal roads than the kinds of huge wilderness areas we see on the bike firm web sites and the out of doors life-style web sites that peddle their wares for them. Granted, a few of these abnormal roads are fairly horrible–so horrible that perhaps getting in a automobile and driving to the huge wilderness space is a horny proposition for you relying on the place you reside. Nonetheless, for these of us whose lives are too busy to afford us a “life-style,” a street bike is your best option for an journey that may start as quickly as we stroll out the entrance door.

They’re The Essence Of What Bicycles Are All About

See this man?

Chortle if you’ll, however he’s your forebear. That’s the place it began. He’s standing subsequent to the primary pedal-powered machine that would carry folks effectively throughout lengthy distances. Each race and group trip and biking membership owes its existence to this man and his mustachioed driving buddies, in addition to all the ladies riders who ditched their skirts for bloomers. By 1903 his bike would have appeared like this–not all that completely different from a street bike as we speak, at the least in case you squint:

Then over the following few a long time they acquired the gears sorted out, now right here we’re.

It is a street bike:

I’d additionally argue that it is a street bike:

And possibly what annoys me a lot about gravel bikes is that they’re additionally simply street bikes, solely with some additional tire clearance, similar to the street bikes as soon as had apart from the temporary (within the grand scheme of issues) turn-of-the-last-century interval when the trade turned obsessive about short-reach brakes for some purpose:

Highway bikes have at all times been in a position to go numerous locations, which is why we in all probability ought to by no means had began calling them street bikes and simply known as them “bikes.” I’m unsure when “street bike” turned the dominant time period–in all probability when mountain bikes turned a factor and the trade wanted extra express advertising and marketing phrases to distinguish them. (Come to think about it, the mountain bike class might be what precipitated street bike brake attain to shrink.) However sporty drop-bar bicycles are timeless and versatile, and what we now name street bikes are a lot enjoyable that even individuals who don’t like street bikes like street bikes.

So I’ll at all times love street bikes…till it will get chilly once more, at which level I’ll write just about the identical factor, solely about mountain bikes.


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